Lights, Action, Camera: Witch City TV is on the air

This is our dream by March in Salem. We are looking to get this going as soon as we can after the move.

New Media is steadily making strides to increasing and competing with main network television, slowly cutting into their audiences. Niche Audiences and Micro Audiences are becoming all the rage, and will soon become the darlings of the Social Media community. WSI has been always involved in building the Pagan audience, and with the move to Salem, we will be able to fulfill the dream of daily programming with Radio, Television and in text. The biggest holdback for us today is not technology, it is talent, and that is one thing we are hoping to change. Imagine, more information focusing on what you want with people you want to see. That is the future of the Internet.

The name of the local station will be Witch City TV, while our International Internet TV Station Network will continue to be Magick TV. We will combine a couple of different ideas, and do daily programming that is meaningful, purposeful, as well as entertaining and fun. Daily programming, and something that jumps beyond simply seeing people on Facebook, Myspace, Ning, and being available for real viewing and interaction in a way that we have come to enjoy, when you want, how you want. It is a very exciting dream.

We are already planning to restore Pagan Nightly News, after several years Hiatus. This will be a nightly 20-30 minute broadcast with the latest news from across our community and across the world. This will be a flagship show, and one of the most important we have. Other shows we are considering and discussing is a chidren’s show for Pagan children, Classes from the various shops, interview and talk shows by various personalities. Overall, we hope to cover much more than anyone ever has before.

We hope to build on the success we already have. Don, Traci and I have interviewed more Pagans for the media than anyone else, from the earliest learners to the season BNP Pagans, and we continue on this principle. We believe our community is interesting and deserves coverage. We can no longer wait for Mainstream Network media to find us; we need to find ourselves for the media. Magick TV and Witch City TV will be that self-discovery we will work on.

We will also have radio as well, and it will be something similar. Don Lewis is talking about a afternoon show, and we think that will be great addition as well. So watch and listen, and maybe we can really make Salem work for the whole community, not just a few. That is our dream and our hope, and part of our mission to allow anyone, anywhere, anytime to have a magickal education. Witch City TV is part of that mission.

Blessings, Ed

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Comment by Zaracon (Larry) on January 21, 2010 at 9:07am
wow this is an awesome idea i am on board for what ever you need in what ever capacity i am needed
Comment by Ravynwolfe Moondancer on January 21, 2010 at 11:17am
Fantastic! Bravo to all!
Comment by Tina Fisher on January 21, 2010 at 11:45am
I can't wait!!
Comment by Rachael Ebner on January 25, 2010 at 8:01pm
This is awesome! I wish I lived in Salem!
Comment by Rev Michelle on January 25, 2010 at 8:15pm


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