Merry Meet,
Allow me to define what a witch is.... Witch: A man or woman of no particular faith who respects nature and all it entails. They are capable of harnessing and manipulating the energy about them for a positive use. Witches can be anyone and do not fit the general sterotype of the word. Many have diverse skills in a multitude of feilds including (but not limited to)Tarot Card reading, Reiki, Animal Magick, or magickal skills that are all used for self-discovery, empowerment and personal enlightenment.
Witchcraft, on that same aspect, is the work donw by the aforementioned Witch. Witchcraft itself could be as simple as a wish made by a Witch, or even as complex and complicated as an intricate ritual to a chosen God or Goddess beneath the stars on a moonlit night. It is all an art of manipulating the energy about oneself to bring about a result or change.
Using these words in the soceity we live in today may bring about some flames, pitchforks and riots comonly associated with the sixteenth century witchunts. I say thus only because of the preconcieved notions that hover over what the world belives "witchcraft" truly is. For the mostly Judeo-Christian world we currently live in, such words conjure images of darkness and pointed hats and broomsticks, gnarled old women feasting on the flesh of children for immortality and dancing naked along fires in the wild, worshipping some dark figure. They constantly preach theit values and embed into the minds of the mass population that Witchcraft is of the Devil. Pause now to view the image they portrait of the Devil: some grotesque beast, a red, horned demon, large and hairy, bow-legged with its monstrous hooves and a spaded tail. It is as if they try to beat it into the world's head, forcing them to conjure an evil image and believe in the t4eachings about it. It is almost sad to watch the reactions of the general public when the word "witchcraft" is uttered. Instantly the thoughts of Satanism seem to run across each mind instead of the true ideas of enlightenment and peace. This all seems to be the reasoning to so many Solitary Practioners now, in our society. The real Witches of our age now stick to the shadows of broom closets and high-fenced back yards instead of the brilliance of a May-Day festival beneath the sun or in an open field beneath the stars. They now stick to silence and fear instead of communal laughter and joy.
It is my wish that you read this and find new faith. I wish to be the beacon in the darkest night, your guide, fellow Witches, in this new generation. Step out of the broom closet, and help, one by one, bring pride back into the Witches' name. We are many, yes, but alone we are just that. Please, join with me to help those who wish to learn more. We are not a group of people who pick and choose who may practice with us, we do not deny any the right to learn (even if they are only curious). If you would like to know more, please contact me at Until then, Blessed Be to all,
Until we merry meet again,

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Comment by LeAnn Jones on December 25, 2009 at 9:42am
And what a great letter you have here. Thank you for these kind and informative words. I guess, however, I do not fit in with the modern witch, as I live in the heart of the bible belt and practice openly. :O) But I completely understand where you are coming from. There are so many witches around here that are afraid to come out because of what might happen to them or their children at school, and what is even sadder is you never know who they are because they won't tell anyone, not even those that are open with them first. I hosted a meetup group for over a year and the first meeting was great; actually 17 people showed up. I was impressed. But then each month after, the numbers got less and less, until I stopped running the meetup group and to this day no one has picked it back up. Hard to tell sometimes where the witches run off to or for what reasons, but I do wish they would stay longer. :O)

Have a lovely day, LeAnn
Comment by Rose Neko Williams on December 25, 2009 at 6:21pm
You see, I cant practice openly, for I too, live in the bible belt and on top of that in a highly populated town. I cant go outside half the time because of the preconceived beliefs of everyone else around here. I already dont fit the stereotype of the older-teen/house-wife appearance. Im a bright person, and i dress to reflect that, from head to toe, and thats just what Im comfortable in.. Everything around me in this town is already so gray, I want to be something bold to stand out, ya know? But I guess thats how it goes. I've been wanting to start a study group for 3 years now, but everyone is so afraid of someone else finding out their beliefs, and thats not at all what witchcraft should be. :/body>
Comment by Witch School on December 25, 2009 at 6:41pm
Actually today's modern Witch is all out of the closet. We are making a stand at a number of places, and well that is what Witch School is all about. So I am glad you are joining us out in the Sunlight.

Blessings, Ed
Comment by Rachael Ebner on January 1, 2010 at 6:29pm
Thanks for sharing! It can be hard being out of the broom closet, but I am and have been for many years. My brother and his family have totally disowned me. My mother is constantly concerned for my "salvation". I was raised Southern Baptist and was a devout Christian until my late 20's. I do not hide my religious beliefs. I have a great group of Pagan and Wiccan friends here in Florida that I get together with for camping and festivals. Getting together with them every few months does help me feel connected. I do hope you can find some people locally to connect with. In the meantime, please feel free to connect with me and all the wonderful people here at WSI.

Blessed Be, Rachael


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