p>What is it that makes the Universe tick ..hmm? Some all powerful source that bridges all points of arguement? a Godess or 2 or 5? Does something like that even matter in this universe? perhaps to some not at all to others..But people aproach the creation and the universal questions the same way all humans approach the cocncept of government, from..what i perfer to call wrong direction..
everyone thinks of trying get to the end with being almost too articulate with details which well more explains why these walls keep us so easily contained till we each wither(pass on).. the reality with which im depressed by such facts drove me into insanity for an eternity just for five minutes of one coherent understanding..
The universe is a Giant machine of cogs maybe a clock, spiraling instead of counting ,it shows us subtle signs of things directly related to our personal lifes weeks to days to even the same day the foretold event,then like a cog if you change it to any other directionand it'll still make its way to you eventually,A bigger slap to the face is the universe posts them everywhere and for one day i wish that each sign had blinkin lights saying here i am, but the details are too intricate to simply track or point out every time and we each have four walls of a small cell to just beat us all in but i digress and make my point in the same and untill others begin to realise that walls are just floors for other dimensions of thinking and can be walked on the same as you walking to the kitchen for a sandwich i walk up the wall and on the ceiling constantly searching and untill i find or am found the voices of reason and insanty will continue to sing in unison of the paradoxes and possabilties once walls made of our self ambitions are torn down to make a large of what was a small cell

if th theres somebody who feels these "presences" please make known your presence.

Loving and Hateing,

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