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I want to wish everyone a Happy Calendrical New Year! Year 14 Aq. has dawned and we greet it with high hopes for the future!

For me personally Year 13 was a very good year. It was a year of travel, during which I visited the homes of many of our Correllian Elders, attended events both inside the United States and internationally, and worked to build needed infrastructure to help support the future goals of our Tradition.

But it was also a year which saw many Transitions. Chief among these was Her Holiness Blv. Olivia Robertson, the 96 year old head of the international Fellowship of Isis and the foremost Priestess of the Western World. A longtime Friend of the Correllian Tradition, Blv. Olivia was a wonderful woman whose modesty, deep spirituality, and unfailing kindness made her greatness all the more inspiring. In life Blv. Olivia built the world’s largest Goddess Spirituality organization, with centers around the world. She sits among the Ancestors now, from where she will undoubtedly continue to guide the Fellowship of Isis, as well as inspire our own.

Blv. Olivia was preceded in death by two other Isian Arch Priestesses: Blv. Deena Butta, a longtime Friend of the Tradition, and Blv. Laura Janesdaughter, who while an Isian Arch Priestess was also a Correllian High Priestess. Devoted friends of Blv. Olivia, these two great Arch Priestesses seemingly went ahead to prepare the way for her, and I shall always think of them as a triad for this reason. As Ancestors I see these three as special Patrons of Oracles, and am sure that they will be most active in this capacity.

Blv. Anthony Bravi of Moon Water Witan Shrine also passed this year. This was a great shock to all of us, as Rev. Anthony was a young man with a bright future in the Tradition. But his journey has taken him to the Ancestors.

Of course none of these people are gone from us. They are only gone from this Plane. The Veil between ourselves and the Ancestors is thin and the bonds of love eternal, so we shall continue to interact with these Loved Ones, only in different ways now that they have joined the Ancestors.

There were also many new beginnings in Year 13. The Tradition seated a new First Elder, Arch Priestess Stephanie Neal, Lady of the Sacred Sea, and a new First Director, Arch Priest Jason Highcorrell, Lord of the PURE Sanctuary.

Lady Stephanie has been an invaluable help to me, sharing the effort of creating new infrastructure to strengthen our Tradition.

Just a few new features include the Correllian Membership Hub, the Outer Court Department, First, Second, and Third Degree Departments, the Complaint Department, and Correllian Wordsmiths! I want to take this moment to thank all of the wonderful people working to build and administer these groups for the betterment of our Tradition! Bless you all!

The Correllian Council of Elders now meets on a monthly basis. The Witan Council also now meets on a monthly basis –with formal meetings quarterly, the others being social.

Thanks to Rev. Rick Keen a new Correllian Database has come online, streamlining our record keeping systems –Thank you Rick!

And of course we are deeply grateful to invaluable work of Witan Herald Arch Priestess Anna Rowe and Arch Priestess Windy Lajoie, whose many years of service keep everything running!

Year 13 Aq. saw another first –the First Correllian Lustration in Africa! This was a wonderful event and I was very gratified to meet so many of our African members. I will always remember this great adventure. Many thanks to Arch Priestess Raene and all of our African members for making the African Lustration a reality!

Year 13 also saw the beginning of a new Pagan Interfaith Library in Africa. Spearheaded by Rev. Laurie Denman, the project gathered hundreds of books for the Library, which will be administered by Lady Raene. I am looking forward to the official opening of the Library!

Moreover, Year 13 saw the formation of the first Correllian Witan Shrine in Morocco –the Shrine of the Waning Moon. In forming a Witan Shrine in a Muslim country Rev. Purple Tide shows great courage and dedication, for this is one of the most dangerous regions to practice our faith. Rev. Purple Tide, we salute you!

I especially want to take a moment to mention Rev. Rolondo Comon, widely known as Apu Aghama.

This last November a great tragedy struck the Philippines, in the form of Typhoon Yolonda/Haiyan. Much of the island nation was devastated by the typhoon. There was much suffering and great loss of life.

People around the world responded to this tragedy with a great outpouring of compassion, and with physical and spiritual aid. There were many heroes in this tragic story, including one of our own –Rev. Rolondo Comon of Luntiang Aghama Shrine. Rev. Rolondo was a passionate advocate for his people and worked tirelessly to make the world aware of their plight and how they could be helped. Rev. Rolondo reminds us all that Priesthood is a path of service - service to God/dess, and also service to our fellow humans. Rev. Rolondo, for all that you have done we thank you and we salute you!

In recognition of these actions, which go above and beyond what might be expected, I am very pleased to recognize Rev. Rolondo Comon with the Order of Tsalu, for outstanding service in the cause of peace in the world –for what more greatly serves the cause of peace than succoring those in need? Blessings to you Rev. Rolondo Comon.

I hope that Year 13 was a good year for you and that Year 14 will be a banner year for us all!

One last announcement –The Lustration of the Ancestors for Year 14 will be held in Danville, Illinois, on the weekend of April 18 – 20. A registration page will be up soon – we hope to see many of you there!

So from myself and First Priestess Regent Traci Logan Wood, and on behalf of the Correllian Council of Elders, Happy Calendrical New Year to you all and may you blessed be!

M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell
First Priest and Chancellor,
Correllian Nativist Tradition




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Comment by Welcome Rev Skull Raven on January 1, 2014 at 11:49am

May The Goddess Bless all this year


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