Cloud 27 and a little bit higher

You make me feel like im on a wire

Your smell your touch sets me on fire

Im on cloud 27 or a little bit higher


With out you my life would be a drag

With out you i might turn into a hag

This whole thing sounds kind of lame

But its coming from my hreat so it makes it game


I want to hold you when your sad

or mad

i want to send you to cloud 27 and a little bit higher

i want my smell my touch to set you on fire

I love you so much no one could call me a lier

my god i love being a little bit higher



Crazy how life happens

First its up

Then its down

Pain is the enemy

The hardest thing to face

Is often your self

When cloud 27 dies

We are no longer high

The touches no longer burn

Instead we burn inside

We must look forward

And forget the rest

From this moment pain

Is the only thing

Letting me know I’m alive

As for you

I now know

Your emotions

Run thin

But seem to grow

Only in self pity and pain

The only thing I’d ever hear

Is me me me

Never thinking of others pain and needs

Your such a spoiled kid

Who  to grow up like

Sunflower seeds

But some how you stole my heart

Then gave it back torn apart

But to face your fears we must part

Ill duck tape my heart

Good bye cloud 27

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