Daily Reading for Wednesday, 1 December, Year 10 Aq.

Wednesday December 1

We now start our twelfth month of the daily Reading Blog! Yayyyy! It has almost been a full year, and what a year it has been. So many changes and struggles –but we are still here and plan to keep on going!

Here is our reading for today:

Queen of Cups
Nine of Swords

Our first card today is Justice, a Major Arcanum representing the reward of effort. Justice tells us that the work we put out will be successful, and that the more effort we put forth the greater the success we will achieve. Sometimes work is not rewarded and efforts are wasted, but the Justice card says that this is not the case today. With it is the Queen of Cups indicating happiness and emotional satisfaction. Finally we have the Nine of Swords, called the “Nightmare Card”, which means that whatever it is we are afraid of is likely to come to pass, but that if we face it head on it will be much easier than we fear –like a nightmare it will only really hurt us if we try to get away from it and end up falling out of bed. Altogether these three cards suggest that we will be in a happy and successful position today, provided that we deal with those situations that need our attention and do not procrastinate or prevaricate.

A good stone for today might be Blue Lace Agate, which promotes inner healing and overcoming of both internal and external obstacles.

Today we begin a new feature for the Daily Reading – The Daily Question. We are grateful to Amanda Bright for editing this feature! Each day we will ask a question, and the answer will follow the next day. Our first Question is: On what date did the Salem Witch Trails Begin?

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