Hi Everyone! I wanted to share an incident that occurred in my backyard late a few nights ago that every one should take a lesson from. I throw out the scraps from dinner into the edge of the woods behind my home for all the creatures who want to have. I have a few squirrels and even a bobcat came to dine one night. But the most amazing thing I have ever saw was a red fox..and straight across from, munching from the same food, was an opossum. they were nearly nose to nose and acted they were best friends. needless to say, when i crept out mt back door onto the deck, they both took off into the woods, but in opposite directions. How come people can get along like that? Despite their differences, that fox and opossum were taking in a meal together! Who could ever know what we could learn from one another if we were able to do what they did?

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Comment by Kim on April 11, 2009 at 6:47am
That's amazing and would have been lovely to see.. :)


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