Happy Ostara, and Mabon to you all. This is always a cheerful season for me, as things are growing and the weather is warmer. I hope that you are enjoying the season as well. One thing about this time of year is that it turns my thoughts to growing projects, and this year is no different. Witch School is undergoing a major improvement, a deep transformation into a far more intensive global network. We are improving our services and becoming a multi-faceted educational and volunteer community. We are moving from simply a teacher of Wiccan Clergy to the teachers of the Wiccan community. This is an important shift, and one you have made possible. In this issue I will explain some of the changes we are providing for all of you as members.

Two New Courses:

We have added two new classes to supporting memberships. The first is the long awaited Crystal Web course, and the second is The Goddess of Fertility - Asia Deities. This allows us to continue our ever expanding education.

The Growing Witch School Social Network:

As supporting and Lifetime members know, Witch School was originally presented not just as a school for clergy training, but as the seeds of a much larger education system for Wiccans, Pagans, and Magickal people. We were focused on building towards a broad based system that provided education to anyone, anytime, anyplace. We have continued to provide this daily, and we are always working to meet new demands.

To meet the latest demand for Social Networking, we hired Tony Jenkins to lead this effort. He works very part time, but he gives us tons of additional hours of help. He is leading the Social Network Team, and needs help for his ambitious program to provide a better set of services for Witch School Members who love social networking.

Basically he is looking to build a Think Tank Team with individuals who have knowledge of one or more of the different social network sites, from Myspace, Blog of Shadows, Wicca Together, Second Life, Ning, Twitter, Wiki etc. Since these tools are emerging so fast and so quick, this will need to be a team of players who are willing to discuss what to do, and accurately predict the best way to use this rapidly changing communication technology. This will help formulate Witch School Internationalâ?Ts policy of action with these sites. In a deeper way, it will help the Pagan community utilize cutting edge tools for their groups as well, as they learn from us and us from them.

Further, Tony is looking for help for developing a Pagan Teen Site and a Pagan Kids Site, and he would like to see these started in time for summer vacations. He needs graphics help and also help finding Pagan music. He needs help in almost every aspect. This is an all members project, from basic students to the Board of Directors. If you want to help, email Tony@witchschool.com, and if you are a teen donâ?Tt be afraid to volunteer as well. He is especially looking for teens that have completed First Degree.
To see our Social Network connections, check out http://www.witchschool.biz/clubs.html

The Clergy Program

The Clergy Program option of membership has become an exceptional program. This program has become an amazing starting point to begin your exploration of becoming a Wiccan Priest or Priestess. This is in conjunction with the Correllian Nativist Tradition. The individuals who have joined the program from both the student and mentor sides love the more channeled aspects being offered. This has a general program, as well as tracks for the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa.

To sign up: http://www.witchschool.com/clergydegree.asp

Lifetime Memberships

The Clergy program is already available to all lifetime students, and if interested they can email their Mentor or Dean Karla Summers, Karla@witchschool.com . We are nearing the end of selling unlimited access lifetime members to Witch School, as we set out to sell only 10,000 and now after more than seven years we are very close to our goal. It is now expected once we sell out our unlimited access memberships, we will go to more yearly and program based fees. But those with these lifetime memberships will always have unlimited access to WitchSchool.com. It is a great investment at $99.99.

To purchase: http://www.witchschoolcom/main.asp

Witch School to Open International Sites

We are now in Beta testing our first school sites for Europe and Africa. These are all part of Witch School, and we have built these new full sites to offer better service. We can offer local information, as we continue to develop our education for as many people as possible.

Witch School Europe (WitchSchoolEurope.com) will be focused on the needs of and services for Europeans, and takes into account the multiple languages and cultures that make up the Old world of Europe. It will also be open to anyone who has an interest in European Wicca and Witchcraft, which will be part of this site as it matures. If you want to be part of the European site, please contact Anna@witchchool.com and let her know.

Witch School South Africa (WitchSchool.co.za) will be focused on the needs of and services needed for Africans, and will take into account the diversity of culture and deep mystical heritage of the Mother continent. In the next year or so, the South African site will be realigning many of our courses into Southern hemisphere seasons. Also we are hoping to bring in some of the rich history and traditions of local indigenous faiths. If you want to be part of the South African Site, please contact raene@clanofkhepertemple.co.za

Thank you everyone who has responded so strongly to our new Witch School Regional Groups. These lists for cities, states, provinces, and even countries have allowed Witch School to span the world. So far at least three new study groups have formed, and we have had lots of new cities added. People are sharing where rituals are, where to buy supplies locally, and in general just reaching out. Itâ?Ts true many lists still only have one or two people, but in time, we believe all our lists will grow. Add these to our exciting Clubs, Volunteer Guilds and Social Network projects, and you can see that Witch School is serving a community bound by perfect love and perfect trust. We are a community that embraces diversity. Check out the Regional lists, Clubs and Social Networks at http://www.witchschool.biz/yahooegroups.html

If you donâ?Tt see a city you would like, please let me know at Ed@witchschool.com
Thatâ?Ts it from Witch School today! Happy Holiday!

Ed Hubbard

PS Also happening soon is the Correllian Lustration, and it is becoming a big and even historic event in Salem, Mass. on April 17th-19th, 2009. http://www.WitchSchool.com/salem.asp.

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