I'am looking for a curse or spell to put on my daughters boyfriend

Hello my name is Alma and I'm having a bit of a problem with finding either a spell or curse to put on my daughters so called boyfriend who I believe is holding her against her will in Florida and he do'snt want her to come home and she's told me many times she wants to leave him but she can't seem to get away from him long enough to find a way 2 get herself back home 2 Bradford Pa I guess what I need is a binding spell but every spell I've found calls for a picture or other iteams I simply can't come up with can anyone help me please I want my daughter to be safe at home, Oh the reason I want my daughter home for is because she's mentaly disabled and he's using her for her $ and because he's got her sleeping in a tent under a bridge like she's some sort of troll and my daughter is a lovely young lady just is'nt wise in her choice of boyfriends.please write back to me ASAP Sincerely Aerodne

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Comment by Raven Wytch on March 14, 2010 at 10:41pm
Number 1#
To make an annoying person go away
(No harm caused).
Visualization technique to repel an annoying person.
Spell Casting
The spell is a nice way to get to people who are annoying or in your face.
When the person comes near you just visualize a blazing blue pentacle on his/her forehead. Next, (mentally) say these words:
"I banish you in the name of the positive powers of the universe!"
This spell won’t harm the person; you don’t even have to mentally chant the words. The visualization is enough ;)
Silver Twin =]

Number 2#
water or holy water (really doesn’t matter)
So you can cleanse without using sage.(sage works best though)
Spell Casting
Heat up the water & leave it until enough vapors comes out.
When heating the water say this *water draw your power from this fire
infuse your energy to cleanse me/my home.*
When your done chanting add in salt (about a 1/4 of a cup or more)
& say *salt i add you so you may join with the water & fire & cleanse me or my home.*
When the water is boiling turn off the fire & pass each room with the vapors & say
*vapors of what water & fire has created cleanse my home with your might,banish all negative aspects & ward them off!*
blessed be, amaranth =)

Number 3#
Banish Someone You Hate
Will make someone leave you alone
Spell Casting
Chant the following
Goddess of Fate Hear My Plea
Their is Someone I Hate
May we Not Speak Nor See One Another
Nor Harm Each Other
Nor Come Across One Another
May _______ Be Bound
From Me
Bound From My Life
For All Until I Break This Spell
Thank You Goddess Of fate

I hope these help you witht your getting your daughter home....
Comment by Rev Tristin on March 14, 2010 at 11:41pm
Have you considered calling adult protective services? If he's taking her money and leaving her homeless it could count as neglect. They could at least help provide her with resources, if she is willing to let them help. If there is an abuse situation they can also help refer her to a local group.
Comment by Raven Wytch on March 15, 2010 at 12:08am
Alma, I sent the 3 for you you can do anyone of the 3. You pick which one you feel more comfortable with.
If I had to choose one I am leaning the 1st one. Good Luck and I would also call the local resourses where she is and hope they can help while you are working your magic on your end...Again good luck
Comment by Alma I Kelly on March 15, 2010 at 9:56am
Thanks 2 u all for your kind words and spells I'm trying my best to do what I can to get my daughter to listen to me but her boyfriend has her so brainwashed against me and she won't even go accept help from like the YWCA Or any 1 who would want to help her to not be in the situation she's currently in I'm going to write down the spells you've given me and thanks Tristin about me contacting Adult Protective Services this is a good idea and I'm going to Contact a church where Mina and her BF Has been going lately to eat meals...MERRY Parting but not 4ever. Sincerely Alma..:-)


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