Ok so yea, I am dating someone, I don't see myself being with him long timed...because I just don't want to. He's really sweet and caring. He's also taking me to the military ball, Oh and for once, he hasn't pulled any moves on me. I hate it when you first start dating and they think they can handle you how ever...Were still just holding hands and hugs. He walks me to my classes, hes like a semi-perfect Gentleman.
But I find nothing wrong with sitting at home reading a book (Like a usually do), and waiting for my bf to get off of work, so I can at least say goodnight to him. But I guess im making him "the center of my world" And that im kicking my friends out of my life....I don't even have that great of a social life...I talk to my friends at school, I read, and do homework, and maybe play some nazi zombies. (now that school has started) I don't have much time to do anything anymore. So just wanting to talk to my bf..is not a bad thing, its not like im dropping everything im doing just to see what he wants.
On the other hand....I can't wait tell the ball, Get to get all dolled up. Lol sorry saw it on a movie. And I already have a dress, the one I used for homecoming. And I get to go get a pair of nice looking black sandals. and I get to go get my hair done for it. Yay, I want to look wonderful for the military ball. I want to show people im not lazy. Lol, considering how I wear sweat pants to school..lol. but yea Im happy, so I don't get why people would get mad because i actually enjoy talking to my bf..but Like always if you have any advice, or just want to say something..please do.

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Comment by Rev. William Kelly (Bill) on November 25, 2010 at 5:03am
Hey there, sounds really awesome. May I just point out one thing, I was probably guilty of it as well and I watched both my kids do it. Don't toss your friends to the side. Nothing worse than rainy day friends. The new boy in your life is just that a new item in your life, your friends I'm sure have been around a lot longer and deserve more than that. You toss them to the side now and who are you going to go to when you decide to cast off the new boy?
Just words of wisdom, you can always work around time for everyone.
Hey, have a great time at the Ball. Enjoy it to the fullest it could be a once in a life opportunity.
That's my two cents. Oh and assuming that you are in the States, Have a fantastic Thanks Giving.
Brightest Blessings to you.
Comment by fantumofthewinds on November 26, 2010 at 4:47am
do have a good time, sounds like a busy life and going well MP
Comment by Emairelhd on November 30, 2010 at 7:17am
Lol, you sound SO much like me in high school. I enjoyed spending time with my bf a lot (too much if you asked my parents) and I wore sweatpants to school but loved getting fabulous for Military Ball. I was in ROTC so I went every year.

I don't think there is anything wrong with doing what makes you happy. Friends are an important part of social development, but I can't say that any of my high school friends are still around today.


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