Over the last couple of years I have been writing spells for needs as they arise. At some point I have realized that I really enjoy the process of writing the incantations, rituals, and rules of correspondence. Some spells that I have personally used started off as something which I had either discovered in a spell-book, or had been given to me by friends. When using someone else's spells I follow my own rules of cooking by recipe in the kitchen: I adjust the ingredients and cooking times to meet my own needs and limitations. If I need an ingredient which isn't readily available I'll need to use something with a similar "flavor".

Now, just like cooking, every time that I put something into the oven . . . SOMETHING comes out. It may not taste exactly as I intended. Sometimes I get something so yummy that I need to write down exactly how I altered the original instructions. Other times I need to throw away the recipe altogether because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Either way, there is ALWAYS a result from my spells (and my cooking). I'll always try to give examples of this from my own experience when sharing spells here.

But my absolute favorite recipes are the ones which I have created myself. And so I plan to share a couple of the best ones (or worst ones) each month. While some were inspired by others, those I post here will have been reworked enough for me to call them original creations. It's my hope that these excerpts from my own Book of Shadows will be a blessing, whether by bringing something useful to your own "kitchen", or by bringing you a bit of laughter (at my own expense). So, without further delay, I bring you this month's "Spells of the Month". Enjoy!

"Bind Us Together"
(A spell for the family)

All families, sooner or later, will experience troubling times. Whether it be something as bad as arguments or something as simple as a child going off to college. Nothing precious is held together without adversity; its simply a law of the universe. It's at these times when its nice to have something to help us to express our wishes to the God and Goddess.

Items needed:
Stuffed toys or poppets to represent the family leader(s). When I performed this spell I used a small Snoopy doll to represent myself. He is wearing his pilot's gear for dog-fighting with the Red Baron (Flying is a hobby of mine). I used a cute lady bear to represent my wife. If your objects were gifts from family members they will hold even more power.

Pictures of the family. Small enough to rest in the arms of the toys/poppets.


Red Ribbon (You can probably already see where this is headed)


Best times to perform this spell:
This one is easy. In case of an emergency time is unimportant. Do this as soon as you are aware of a problem. However, if you can time it so that it lands on a Monday it would give it an extra little "umph".


Cast your circle and call quarters to aid you. If you wish you may cleanse the items using the ritual elements, but be careful to LEAVE whatever positive emotional attachments they may hold for you! If they are very special poppets and pictures you may not want to mess with their energy at all, but definitely cleanse and bless the ribbon.

Hold the toy (interesting to note that Oberon Zell Ravenheart's daughter uses stuffed toys as poppets and calls them "stuffies". Very cute!) or poppet which represents YOU to your heart and say "This is me." three times. MEAN IT! FEEL IT! KNOW IT! If you have a partner then hold the "Stuffie" or poppet which represents them to your heart and say "This is thee." three times while visualizing their face and presence in your life. Take the pictures, one at a time, and meditate on the images; think of the special meaning they have for you. Maybe family outings that were special times, or even just school pictures of the kids. When you have finished, hold them to your heart and say "This is worth keeping. This is worth saving!" three times. Now, hold the ribbon to your heart and repeat three times "This is the love which binds us together."


Place the pictures on the poppet(s). If you have two poppets make it so that each is involved in holding the pictures. Wrap the ribbon around the items and knot the ribbon so that it holds the family together. While doing so, say "The love which binds us is stronger than whatever divides us". Yes. Say it three times. Say it a hundred or a thousand times if you are so inclined. I always end my spells with this mantra: "By my will and the rule of three, with harm to none, so mote it be!"


Close your circle and place your family where you can SEE it on a regular basis. By your bed, or by the door (if you do not have playful familiars) so that you can see it as you are on your way to work. If you work in an office you could place it on your desk. Every time that you happen to look at it say: "The love which binds us is stronger than whatever divides us", either out loud or to yourself if need be.


I have found this particular spell to be EXTREMELY potent. It works! It is NOT a "quick fix" though. Whatever the crisis, keep the items where you can see them until the problem is resolved.



The previous spell is a good example of how a binding ritual can be perfectly harmless, even though there are tones of grey because you may be affecting the will of a family member. I have another binding spell which I have used to protect my daughter, and I will NOT be posting that one here. The results were instantaneous, and quite painful for the target of my binding. I knew that a binding has the result of being bound to the ones we bind, but I never fully realized the extent of that until yesterday. It may be fun to watch Batman and the Joker, eternally bound together by their enmity, but trust me. It is no fun BEING them. It is for this reason that, in place of that spell, I am issuing a warning. Binding spells are readily available on the internet, in books, and from friends. But NEVER use one unless it is absolutely necesarry!



"Mini-Altar Money Spell"

(This is a spell to manifest needed cash. Be careful with this one. If your intent is to get cash quickly you may not like the way it comes about. Always better to work WITH the universe's plan and not to rush it! More about my personal experience with that at the end.)

Items Needed:

Small image to represent the element of Air. I have a little native american bird fetish. You can use a feather, a fan, or even a picture for this, but do not use incense unless you don't intend to light it. It will be working when you are not around and you should never leave fire of any sort unattended.

Small image to represent the element of Fire. Once again, this can be a volcanic stone, a picture of flames, or even a candle, provided you don't light it. I use a small pillar that I lit once during the settup, then snuffed it out so that the candle had already been expelling flames.

Small container to hold consecrated water. I have a little porcelain tempura dish. Because it holds such a small amount I have to use my chalice to refill it every day. This also gives me an oportunity to meditate, and to restate my will as I come into contact with my mini-altar.

Small container: to hold salt in order to represent the element of Earth.

Pentacle. This may be a small drawing or an actual pentacle used in other rituals. You may also wish to use a pentacle pendant from a neclace you no longer wear or are willing to part with for awhile.

Green cloth. You are going to sew a poppet with this.

Needle and thread

Cotton balls.

Bits of yourself: Hair, nail-clippings, etc. If you are brave and don't mind a little pain, you can sterilize your needle with alcohol, then a small stick to the finger to get some blood. (Please be safe here! Make sure that the needle has indeed been sterilized and that you do NOT allow your blood to go straying.) If you are a lady, and the time is right, you have a painless source of blood available to you already (yes, I said it). Fellas, you have the code for your blood in your own fluids as well . . . (yes, I said that too).


Tobacco (I like pipe tobacco because it smells sooooo nice!)

Your favorite money drawing oil, or simply some almond extract from the kitchen.

Play Money

Small Goddess, and/or God items of your choice. Red and/or green birthday-cake candles would do nicely! You may also personalize this. I have a small tortoise shell for the God (I am a Hermes devotee and the tortoise is his animal) and a mini-cauldron to represent the Divine Feminine.

Green Paper and Dark Green Pen.

Best Time to Perform:
A Thursday or Sunday


You are going to spend some time sewing the poppet. If you have never made one before don't be intimidated. It is as easy as using scissors to make paper dolls. As a matter of fact, that is how I start. I cut a single paper doll and then use it as a pattern to cut my cloth. Fold the cloth over itself with the traced out pattern on top, then slowly work your way around both pieces with the scissors. (Something to remember: The doll will be much skinnier when finished than it appears on the paper pattern due to stuffing. So you may want to take this into consideration. Remember, this doll is going to be YOU.) Once the two halves of the doll are cut out you can begin sewing them. There are two ways to do this. One is to turn the doll inside-out when nearly finished so that the stitches don't show so much. The other is to simply allow the stitches to stay on the outside. (Mine are always on the outside. I have trouble turning the material inside-out, and I think it looks just fine.) Start at the head, the very top, and remember the side you want to be the face. You may want to mark it. Sew around the doll halves clockwise, or deosil, or whatever you wish to call it. Leave enough of the doll unsewn so that you can add the ingredients during the ritual. Focus your intentions as you are sewing. You need money! That is why you are doing this!


Shew! Now that it is all finished we can move on to the ritual. Cast your circle, call the quarters, and invoke your Deities. You need to bless and consecrate all of your items. Yes, all of them! Start shoving the cotton balls into the doll (tear them a little first so they can fill all of the spaces). You can use an unsharpened pencil or the tip of your wand for this if it makes it any easier. As you do, alternate between cotton and cinnamon . . . cotton and tobacco . . . cotton and fingernails, etc. If you are adding your blood to the poppet it should be blotted onto one of the cottonballs or a piece of blotter paper.

Now, before you stitch the doll up the rest of the way, write on your green paper then say aloud the following words:
"Green, green, like I've never seen
 Has come to me in great amount!
 Green, green, money green!
 Too much to even count!
 And by my will and the rule of three,
 With harm to none, so mote it be!"

Shove the paper into the doll, then finish the final stitching.

Hold the poppet in front of you and say the following, or something similar:

"Creature of cloth and cotton you were;
 Creature of flesh and blood you be.
 I name thee _________ (your name).
 And now, you are me!"

Anoint the doll with the oil and repeat the incantation "Green Green . . . " as it was written on the paper.

Cleanse the new you with the elements. Take all of your new things to a table where they will be safe. Place all of the items as if you were setting up a teeny-tiny altar. Do it according to your actual settup. The salt in the north, the fire represented in the South, etc. Place the pentacle in the center. Place the poppet in the center of the mini-altar on the pentacle and put as much of the play money in its arms as you can get it to hold. Use your finger to cast a permanent circle around the mini-altar, exactly as you would for ritual. Once again, repeat the incantation.

Note: Once the items are finished and consecrated you can close so that you can take them to their pemanent location. It isn't necesarry to do that within an already cast circle, only that you take your intent with you. Your mini-altar can now be used for many other spells, not just this one. So what we really have here are two-spells-in-one.



Intent is everything, and your intentions should never feel like desperation. If your intent is to manifest quickly, and you aren't willing to wait, strange things can happen. The Universe says "Oh, so you want it NOW and aren't willing to work with me. You think you know better than I how to meet your needs? OK, here it comes!"

To illustrate, a week after I performed this spell and set up my mini-altar, this happened: My son missed his bus and I had to drive him to school. On the way out I noted a trooper sitting at a park and ride, and I said to myself "I will make sure that I am not speeding when I come back!" On my way back through I set the cruise for 40mph (the speed limit). At an intersection near the park and ride a car pulled out without seeing me. He was so close that if I hadn't seen him we would have collided head-on. Result? Our T-Bird was t-boned and totalled. I felt like I had fallen down a flight of stairs, but was really only bruised up a bit. The 911 dispatcher sent an ambulance anyway, and I refused treatment. The man who hit me was OK, as was his daughter, who was in the car with him. He said to me "Don't worry about your car, I have VERY good insurance coverage." That evening, the insurance company called and asked first if I was alright. When I said that I was certain that I was fine they were insistent that I take a cash medical settlement anyway in exchange for signing a waiver on future medical expenses. Well, I did. This was seperate from the damage to the car, which was settled for $500.00 less than we had paid for the car 100,000 miles ago. We never lost anything. When the trooper had come to take the report he had asked me if I was speeding. "No Sir, I saw a trooper over there earlier and had set my cruise to avoid a ticket. "Well, I know you're telling the truth. That was me. I had just left when I got the call to come back".

So, while I got what I asked for, i.e. desperate cash, My life was turned upside-down for weeks while we had to drive rentals, sign papers, place phone calls, purchase a new car, yada yada yada.

I wish that I had been more patient.

Ok, so there is the first installment of Larry's "Spells of the Month", this one for April.

And may you blessed be!

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Comment by fantumofthewinds on April 13, 2011 at 6:48am
Very Good Larry and Bravo ! for sharing and I like this , thinks I will add to BOS from you to us my friend and green green it is BB
Comment by Laramie Roush on April 13, 2011 at 5:12pm
@Leila Raven:
Thanks for reading. I've seen your page here, (Your photo collection caught my eye as I was going through the site's complete collection), and you are a very unique, and beautiful person. Your personal info was more than memorable . . . it was inspiring.

Comment by Jennifer Surdam on April 21, 2011 at 8:05pm
Awesome, Larry! I love the info, but more importantly the caveats--you don't get anywhere near enough of those in most books you buy, so it's great to hear that stuff!
Hugs and BB,
jen :)
Comment by C A Ritter on May 8, 2011 at 1:14pm
Comment by Laramie Roush on May 11, 2011 at 1:28pm
Thank you, Zephonith.

I like your prosperity spell . . . here is the clincher: My daughter, Jade, has been driven absolutely crazy for the past month over apple synchronicities. I just showed this to her and the phrase "apple-green jade" made her eyes pop. I think that something has been pointing me here, through her. LOL. I will be doing this one.

I also need to write this month's installation, as well as a story about the rattlesnake ;)

Thanks again!
Comment by constance rae trittin on August 27, 2011 at 9:47pm
We just lost one of gentle cats to a violent passing. I find myself unable to think although I have done rituals for pets that have passed there seems to be something missing.
Wondering, since you like writing spells there might be something you could suggest.
Blessed Be


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