Friends are great. It is a wonderful friend who lets one borrow a book for over a month or more and never mentions having you return it. It shows trust! What is even better is that when that friend brings back the book that was borrowed!

Why this comment?

I borrowed a book from a friend... I have had it for about a month. Not once has she asked for it back. Not once has she Hinted that I would not bring it back...

She know s that I've been sick and she is a very good person ... Today, I brought the book back. In the Same condition that I borrowed it in Too.

Why do I say it that way? Because, I have loaned out books and either haven't received them back or when I did, the books where in horrible condition!

In my opinion, how you treat books that you borrow from your friends show how you view and feel about that friend. If you take great pain to be careful with your friends books, it shows them that you care ... Really care about that friendship and their items.

But that is my two cents worth.


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