Magick is the Science of the Imagination

Magick is the Science of the Imagination

As First Elder, I feel that it is important that people understand that I am a radical science believer, and I have always loved technological progress. That for me, the belief in magick is as natural as science; there are no opposing forces in this. Magick is the art and science of imagination as source of knowledge. Everything that has come to be has existed in that part of our mind we call imagination, and we visual the impossible to test against the possible, and we discover that many things are possible. Everything we call science, art, and a language began within the magickal universe, and was shared by our ancestors. That magickal universe is still with us, and we continue to tap into it, to create a world of incredible possibilities.

As a practicing Witch, I am a scientist, and I am testing all kinds of ideas. As a Witch, my principle duty is to educate humanity bringing them into the flow of nature. That as we become more engaged with nature at increasing intimate levels, we will become creators in our own right, acting as active agents of Gaia herself. The more we can act as natural beings, the faster and quicker we will progress as a people, as a species, as an integral part of nature itself. Magick and imagination will increase the number of truths the cosmos will reveal to us. As Pagans we can recognize that science is really a discovery of the laws of god and goddess, inscribed into the reality of the universe itself. Magick and science is the same thing, it is still the exploration and discovery of how the universe works, how deity manifests itself before us.

One of the gifts of Wicca, is the gift of Genius. I have watched as the blinders fall way from the way we learn about the world, and when we suddenly discover how the world really is. That the modern concept of what is intelligence, what is genius looks like is so confining, so backward, and so much about surrendering control, in our current culture that it is looks like a rarity, a unique and unattainable level of thought. This nonsense falls away when one accepts that the natural world is full of genius and intelligence, and you are a manifestation of that innate drive of nature to perfect itself. You realize that having a soul automatically endows unlimited intelligence; therefore genius is a natural byproduct of a free soul. So we are all geniuses, we have our skills that we are amazing at, and if allowed to pursue, we would rock the world. As a Wiccan, you simple accept that you can operate at a genius level anytime you want.

So for me to embrace science, is to be a good Wiccan, and that magick is the first science of humanity. So that as I embrace the Internet, as we have these miracles of a technological age, I can feel my soul and where we have come from, and realize that we will become healthy again as a society as we learn more and more. So for me, being a Wiccan was the first time I understood the concept of unlimited knowledge as the source of the divine word. That everything we know is literally the divine words of the creator, and even then, that is but a tiny spark of the divine intelligence and awareness we can obtain. So Magick and Science are the tools of the Witch, always have been and always will be. Together they awaken the power of genius in all of us, and we learn that each of us adds to the magnificence of nature, and the knowledge within.

Blessed Be,
Ed, First Elder of the Correllian Tradition

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