I believe that people who live in fear, or choose their belief path out of fear are living and choosing in blindness! In my true opinion, fear of God and that he will cast us into the pit of Hell whenever we mess up or admire another deity just doesn't cut it for me. Fear only holds you back from fulfilling your own true inner potential! No offense to the Christians, but even if we were to believe in your God, wouldn't he be forgiving and unconditionally loving? Most people who say that they are Christians aren't truly Christians. What, does he only forgive certain people? Yet in the Bible it says He is loving and forgiving to all! Don't you pass judgment and tell people that if they dare go a separate path and worship different deities or practice magic that they are going to Hell? Again, it says in your Bible not to pass judgment and to love one another, and thy enemies. Doesn't it also say not to kill? Isn't that how Christianity took over Europe and America?
The bottom line is that there are so many rules in your Bible that it contradicts itself. It was written so that people who feared the unknown can justify their own actions that they took out of fear to control society! King James the First is a good example. He passed a witchcraft law out of fear that witches were plotting a spell to take him out of power; not because of witchcraft itself but fear! What really bugs me is that Catholics, Christians and other religous followers say witchcraft is evil but in truth there is a good and bad side to every religion and person!!! WITCHCRAFT IS NOT EVIL! It wouldn't be fair for me to say that Catholics are evil because they put women and children to death back in the day every time someone went and cried witch now would it? The torture methods they used were horrible!
Back in the day it seems as if the Catholic Church itself were trying to play God by cloaking themselves with the fact that they were trying to do his good work by condemning the people who wouldn't follow their God to death, which is against the Do-Not-Kill and Do-Not-Judge laws commanded by their god.
I am not claiming I know everything but I am just bringing up some really good points and issues. Christians and Catholics don't condemn people to death today (that I know of), but for them to say that witches are evil is unfounded. Admittedly, some can seem to be but so can Christians, Catholics, monks and followers of every other religion. There is always going to be a negative to a positive. Without bad there can be no good and without bad we will not know what good is like!
Now to make something clear: Christians and Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Mormons, Scientologists aren't bad people, and they aren't responsible for what has happened in the past. That is history, and it has only made us stronger. I JUST WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I AM TALKING ABOUT ALL RELIGIONS! ALL PEOPLE THAT ARE OF INFLUENCE TO EACHOTHER. There are many Church-followers these days that do not criticize Wicca and witchcraft (or any other form of paganism) and are generally open-minded. I just brought up some of what I thought to be good points out into the open.

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Comment by Rachael Ebner on January 7, 2010 at 7:47pm
It's funny that this morning I was remembering being told many a time that I should find myself a true, God-fearing man for a husband. When I remembered this, I thought to myself how aweful that really sounds. Why would I want to be with someone who fears God? We should not fear God. Why would I want to worship a diety that I should fear? I do not fear God/Goddess/Great Spirit. I embrace and am One with Spirit.


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