Posted in Volunteer Group : Prisoners right to Wicca information!!!!! Please read this is a project I am currently working on in the state of MO.

Before becoming clergy threw WSI I was legally ordained at Universal Life Church so therefore I can perform many different ceremonies. As I work my way threw all the degrees I will leave my original ordination and use the Correllian Clergy status for all things I do. When we step up and chose a life that we dedicate to being clergy we have certain obligations that we need to take into consideration. It’s not all just having great ceremonies and parties it’s about reaching out and helping others in need. I have been called to do something really important and I cannot do it alone. I am reaching out all over the state of Missouri to each and every Pagan, Witch, and Wiccan to step up with me and help out a group of people who are not represented at all. Even though these people have committed crimes, yes some horrible and unforgivable crimes but none the less they are humans and have religious rights.

I have been asked to call out and find some volunteers to go into the prison and or jails and share your Wiccan or Witchcraft knowledge. This is not to convert anyone it is just to let the prisoners know they can count on someone in our religion.

If one person could take an area or a prison or jail and devote some of your time to providing support only on a Wiccan level mind you. We are only to be the shoulder for the Goddess and God. If you are ordained it’s really a matter of duty, we being clergy took that oath to help others.

Also I would like to add if you feel uncomfortable going to a prison or jail write a simple story, meditation, ritual (using basically no tools) at this time I do not know if the prisoners are allowed Wiccan Ritual tools, this I will find out as I am working with a minister at a prison.

I have heard of people putting together a newsletter. Do you think we could start a universal one? Give me ideas and lets work together and find a way to get the message out. These people deserve to have their religious freedom and a right to practice and a right to information.
Please contact me immediately if you are interested.

Also I have been approached to possibly being the voice of Wicca on a state level. We do not have a voice at this time.

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Comment by Rev. Nikki Boucher on April 6, 2009 at 8:37pm
I think it is a wonderful thing that you are doing at the local prisons and jails. Regretfully I line in Baltimore and cannot join you in your mission (so to speak). I did just want to say that it is a wonderful idea and we need more people to reach out to those in the prison system and give them something to believe in since most of them are lost souls.

Many Blessings,
Rev. Aieowyn


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