Prosperity Powder:
‘to attract wealth in all its forms’

3 parts vervain
2 parts cinnamon
1 part pine

Instructions: Grind herbs in mortar, while doing so visualize yourself being surrounded by wealth. See that you are more than comfortable in your financial situation having enough money and resources.
*note* in occult understanding the meaning of prosperity is “having enough to share”. Keep that in mind when doing such spells.

I find it easier to visualize green light surrounding the herbs as I grind them. Say the following incantation or one like it, “I charge these herbs with money and wealth attracting energies, may prosperity shine one me, so mote it be.”
The incantation is not as important as the focus of your magickal intent, which in this case is to attract prosperity.

Uses: sprinkle in a circle around you and sit in the middle absorbing it’s energies. Sprinkle in a circle around a green candle that is charged with the same intent for prosperity. Sprinkle in wallet to attract cash flow.

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