And I would hope all of you out there viewing this are doing well ? here it has been one of the worst seasons we have had in a very long time , but winter of last year was just as bad I think some of you remember me telling you. This year we have put up with the heat so intense that its really been hard to bare, speaking of bareing nothing bared fruit or veggies for that matter , so where every you are I would hope that your harvest is a very good one , I have just never seen any thing like this [ shakes head ]. I will not keep you long, today I think I'll tell you a story and perhaps there just might be a lesson n this,then again, perhaps a reminder to the self. 


It was that she went to pick Larry up from school one day, only to her dismay , to find him in a fight of words, with what appeared to be someone much larger them him self. As I pulled the car around and got out of the car and started to hear that way , the older lad notice me and bailed. Now Larry stood there shaking with rage, " YOU Old 

Stink pot", " You belly button YOU! ", " You Great Big Piece of Cheese !". Well now, that you have taken care of him

how about getting into the car and coming home ? They started down the path that lead to the car , Larry still spitting words, That guy has been picking on me for so long now , and he's three years older then me and every one else in our class, and he's got to be the dumbest,he's always hanging around and picking on people.

Why do you suppose he does that Larry ? Maybe because he's a old stink head, and maybe because he fills hes so far behind in class ? Well if he fills bad then why is he picking on all of us for? Possibly because the rest of you are not far behind in school. Now that was crazy logic don't ya think ? But it was the kind of logic that made sense sometimes, and of course, Larry had brains enough to recognize it. After a moment of silence he said ," But what am I suppose to do ? Just let him beat me up "?  By that time we were turning into the drive way and they headed for the house , once inside mom went into the kitchen to make them a snack , she go out the gram crackers and the gallon of milk, as they gathered around the counter, she said " NO! Larry, we dont want to let him beat you up, indeed we have taught you to stand your ground. No one will respect you if you cannot"." You know that people never act unless given some kind of reason ". But there is something just as important and thats knowing why ?[ whats it all about ], why the boy acted that way, even though that does not excuse him, thus if you know why, you are more 

in control of the situation, and then maybe one could even afford to look over some of the young mans meanness, and you could even try to be friends with him. Well enough said, and Larry headed out the door to find his friends .

In a way she was glad for this incident , for he had been asking many questions about war, why why why , where did it come from and why does it happen? It was now time for him to understand that we live in a rational world and all of life operates on certain Laws, just as the stars in the heavens and that an understanding and intelligent uses of theses laws could be , if ...... only man would begin to use as a potent weapon as to fist . 

Do you see the lesson   BB

And now for your listening


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Comment by Rev. David McDonald on August 13, 2011 at 8:59pm
This is great Fantum "if ...... only man would begin to use as a potent weapon as to fist . " and oh so true. Such a shame that many do not see this nor take the time to try and see it.

Thank you for sharing this my friend.
Comment by fantumofthewinds on August 13, 2011 at 9:12pm
I would say your right , we have been fighting since the beginning. do you think man will ever get enough ? I wonder .
Comment by Laramie Roush on August 17, 2011 at 5:56pm
I'm sorry it took me so long to read, Fantum. I always enjoy your blogs and this one is no different. We should always know why our enemies behave as they do. After all, knowing is a side of the witch's pyramid.

Comment by Laramie Roush on August 17, 2011 at 5:57pm
Oh, and Satriani is my FAVORITE guitarist.


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