my book review on silver raven wolfs book

I have recently finished The Ultimate Book Of Shadows of the new genteration Solitary Witch by Silver Raven Wolf it is 608 pages long and well worth the read.

its the perfect book or any new beginner to the craft

it covers everything on paganism and wicca.

it has spells and ritauls for you to do by yourself with tools or without.

it has pictures to help you understand like shows you how to do the Goddess and God precision.

at the end of very section it has a "things To Do" list for little esseys for you to do.

it also covers the magickal alphabets so when you start your book of shadows or something like that no one can read it.

it covers The Witches Pyramid, reiki, tree of life, everything

it talks about your everyday life like marriage, depression, suicide, divorce,

it talks about your secret success formula:

TO Dare

To Know

To WIll

To keep silent

and that's very impotent in the craft.

talks about the gods like The Green Man and got a picture of him, got a ritual for him.

talks about the Maid, mother and crone and the same with the father, sin and sage.

it talks about how the circle works and what you need to do and cutting the door.

its got a good little bedtime blessing and meal blessings too.

it has a picture of all the tools wand, candle, Broom, Book Of Shadows, cup, etc

it also talks about herbs and how it can help you with healing and health.

talks about hoodoo and hoodoo magick,

talks about the moon and other planets and how to use it for different spells and rituals.

it talks about runes and what each of the symbols means and how they work,

talks about scrying how to do it,

explains why colour is importent and why we use different colours for different ritauls.

talks about what each element means and why we use it and why its importent, it also shows you how to meditate of the fire, earth, air, fire and water and of course spirit and how to draw the pentagram the right way for the right ritaul or spell.

talks a bit about Faeries.

talks about different gems and stones and talks about the importence of them.

it also notes recommend reading for sective things.

shows you a spell to gain friends and best friends, it shows you a list of your horescropes and tells which type of person you are easy connected to.

it helps you deal with peer pressure and homework.

talks about sex and safe sex in ritauls,

it goes into the witches tree of power:


Moon= Gabriel

Mercury= Raphael

venus= Uriel

Mars= Camael



talks about the sabbets.

talks about the wiccan rede of course the short and long one explains how it works,

talks about the altar and what you need on it,

explains what each tool is for and why like your Book Of Shadows, Bell, your sward, etc

talks about candles:

green: release bound money and property

Black: release someone's hold on you

Red: Remove Blocks to love

Yellow: Remove bad luck

Purple:: remove negative magick

Blue: remove confusion

Orange: remove blocks to creative success

tells you their purpose and why you use that colour.

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Comment by Gabrielle Curatolo on October 23, 2010 at 8:16pm
awesome! i have the book. i haven't had the time to read all of it! but i'm glad to hear that is has alot of good information in it!
Comment by Tracey Moody on October 24, 2010 at 4:26am
It sounds like a good book and one i will have to get.
Comment by Night Raven on October 25, 2010 at 1:42pm
I haven't read this one yet, but I have read Silver Ravenwolf's "To Ride a Silver Broomstick," "To Stir a Magick Cauldron," "To Light a Sacred Flame," and "Solitary Witch", which I have in both hardcopy and PDF format. I also intend to read "Halloween" and "Hedgewitch" which I have in PDF only. I really have enjoyed all of Silver's books and have received knowledge from all.
Comment by fantumofthewinds on October 25, 2010 at 2:07pm
I have read many of her books since they are for the beginner and of course plane english lol no long drawn out words. which makes them easy to understand. I would haft to agree I liked the ' solitary witch ' but one of my favors is the book on ' angels ' I would have however added a little more detail but its a good beginning book who work with these as energies , or names from the ancient sects and of the works of Enosh and along with months and days and goddesses and Gods . I also love researching ancient texts BB
Comment by A. Simon on October 25, 2010 at 5:11pm
I am going to have to get that one. Thanks for the post!


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