If anyone tells you that you really shouldn't do magic while sick... LISTEN!

Besides, Why would you want to something that takes so much energy, when you haven't got it to spare. Your body's energy is needed in order to help get you better. Those times you are sick. Those are the times that your body is telling you that it needs a rest. So, listen to you body and rest and get better.

Also, the more that you concentrate on getting better the quicker you are back in the "Green" (feeling better) Then is when you can put your all into whatever magic you care to do.

And to clarify what I mean by magic, I mean anything like casting a long spell, giving someone energy that you can't spare at the moment. Mother's can't take care of their children if they are getting worst as their children are getting better.... Just remember, kids tend to rebound very quickly from colds and such. While we adualts tend to take longer!

Prayers are always done! I know I prayed to get over being sick! I find actually the older that I get, the harder that it is for me to stand even havig a cold!(shakes head )

Well, this is my 2 cents worth... if it is worth anything that is.

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