Concerning moth vampires and actual vampires, there seems be a link in origin.For Beelzebud(the lords of flies/insects) which Christians consider as a Satanic entity is closely related and is even a variant of kanchelsis- a vampire lord or deity even more powerful than Dracula as he is vampiric god.Beelzebud is often depicted as being accompanied with insects but sometime he is depicted as a dark moth.Kanchelsis was a master shape-shifter and when he mated with Lilith( or succubus) their child was killed while being unborn -still in his mother's womb.So Lilith angry would killed pregnant women or cast a spell which lead them to perish in child birth.The bitter Kanchelsis on his part, try to seek higher powers to bring back to life the child, but instead out the putrefying body of the child, moths came out in large quantities and that's why in certain vampiric dark temple of this deity we have painting of moth.Also we learn that Lilith with the help of her daughters or servants (lilims) metamorphosed the moths in vampires.These were the first and original race of vampires, they were 'perfect' vampires not human or 'turned' vampires.But as they could not generate offspring of their own- as sexual relation between a male and female vampire results in a dead offspring.Male vampires seduced human women and had sex with them which resulted in human vampires.Also the human mothers always die after delivery as the baby vampire 'feeds' upon the mother.

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Comment by Siw Hand on September 27, 2011 at 1:20pm
MM I like this a lot - thankyou Maighread Birdsong.
Comment by Maighread Birdsong on September 27, 2011 at 5:44pm


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