What I believe!
By First Elder Edward Hubbard

As I accept the privilege and honor of being named First Elder of the Correllian Tradition, I reflect on what service I have given, and what have I given to the world. In this I believe, while woefully inadequate against the majesty of our living world, I recognize that I believed in and offered in faith the idea of more universal education. For in my calling as a priest, as I called to service at the tender of five, where I first heard “All Knowledge is Worth Knowing”. That has been my call from the Lord and Lady as I have lived all of my life.

In my life, as a youth, was at best difficult, but I did survive it, as so many of us do. In my 19th year of life, I was led to my second important messages from the Divine. I was part of a group who prepared for massive earthquake, and was ready for a new world. Then the time past, life continued on, and I became a new person. At that moment, I was acutely embarrassed, at such a level, that I recognized that I believed that the world must end, for me to have a better life. That is literally insane. The idea that the world would be better off destroyed then to allow humanity to continue is a form of homicidal insanity. Armageddon is the insane belief that we are all better off dead. I was so healed by this; I went on to marry and to raise a family. So I came to believe and continue to this very day that Armageddon is a lie, and that Life Eternal is the truth.

These became my bastions in life, as I lived it as everyone else has. I became a Father at 21, went to college, worked as a Paralegal, and then I was found by Don Lewis, and he explained the Correllian Way, the Wiccan Path. It fit my thoughts and the energy of my soul, it gave my spirit a place to breathe. It opened wonder in my mind for what could be, and my intellect the tools to accept the world as it is. This was a remarkable exchange in my life, which transformed me, and made me a Pagan Priest, before my 30th birthday.

It was these three bastions of thought and belief that lead my life, and they are simple. All Knowledge is worth Knowing. The World will survive for billions of years to come. That humanity and all of nature is part of Deity. This awakened the giant power with me, and I discovered that I was capable of anything I truly worked at, and that the need to create a system of education, so that anyone could learn anything at anytime, and that nothing be censured. That once you have confidence that all knowledge is really yours as you choose, it will lead you to the awareness of the age of the world, and the true magnificence of a living god force creating the universe with us. This is the glorious calling of my life, to allow teachers and teachers of teachers the tools to protect all of human and natural knowledge to assure that we never forget anything again. We are the memory of God in our duty, and while we will not be able to touch even a fraction of all there is, yet we prepare all of humanity to benefit from our knowledge, the future knowledge of the ancients. I believe there is a future ahead of us.

So as I serve and prepare the tradition for the future, I will pray that the vision of a world full of people who can live in peace and harmony, knowing anything they want, capable of understanding anything they choose, will live a soul-based life. That we will awaken our souls and the memories within our spirits, now and forever more, that we will know the Gods on a personal level, and understand that in our souls we are free. We shall live forever. This is truth as I know it, and I as I believe. May the blessings of the Lord and Lady be upon thee, and may you your soul be awakened.

Blessed Be,
Ed, First Elder

To discover more on the Correllian Tradition: http://www.correllian.com

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Comment by Claudia Blanton on May 4, 2011 at 8:53am
Thank you Ed for posting how you discovered your path, and share your vision. I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing the future for the Correllian Tradition, with the many beautiful, forward thinking individuals who make this Tradition this special. May you and the path you take now and in the future be blessed.
Comment by June Dawson on May 4, 2011 at 11:15am
First Elder,

I thank you for sharing your words and your service in/to the Correllian Tradition. I am blessed to be one in many who also believe the future is a bright place. Knowledge is a key and we can live in Peace and Harmony just by opening up our hearts and minds.
Comment by Rev. Yoko on May 4, 2011 at 12:09pm
Blessed be your new Position Ed!
Comment by Reliks Lunarmoth Silversage on May 13, 2011 at 11:16pm
This was well put together Thankyou
something that helps me cope with possibilities of an end is this
If the world is ending Its ending, there is nhothing I or any one else can do about it so here lies Mine point
Why the Hel worry about it Its unpreventible, its gonna happen (whether in my life time or athousand of my life times from now) so there is absalutely No need to fret about it

If the great Diety loves us? then we shall continue on long passed the world/universe ending

~reliks Moonwolf


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