Wolf as Totem or Familiar:
Contributed by - Patricia Jean Martin
Source: http://www.controverscial.com/Wolf.htm

If Wolf has called on you, you will find the following traits enhanced in your life: A sense of loyalty and a sense of ritual, but never lacking in personal freedom...a higher intelligence and increased awareness, but never forgetting the joys of life and how to remain playful...and heightened strength and energy, but ever-mindful that a peaceful solution is always best. In all this, and more, Wolf will be your guide.

Wolf inspires true balance, as they are both free spirited and family-oriented at the same time. Extremely loyal and faithful to their pack, they are rich in the spirit of acting in harmony, peace and respect, and honouring the system of rank by which they live, but they are also fiercely independent creatures and will spend time on their own. Those with Wolf as their totem will be taught how to manage a strong family connection without losing their own personal identity.

The more a person works with the spirit of Wolf, the more they may find themselves taking on the personality of their totem, so much so that they themselves will begin to display the characteristics of either the Alpha Wolf or a Pack Wolf. The Alpha Wolf personality is leader of the pack and will help the more timid person take on a more active and outgoing role in life. The Pack Wolf personality is lower in the hierarchy and knows its place within the group. This medicine is helpful to a more aggressive and egotistical person, as it teaches him how to share the limelight, be more conscious of and helpful to others, and be more willing to compromise and work for the benefit of the whole.

Wolves are extremely intelligent and very social, and their senses are keen. Wolf teaches you how to listen, how to be acutely aware of your surroundings, and how to rely on your intuitions. In fact those with Wolf medicine will find their intuition sharpened and precise, and will begin to use it more rapidly and readily. Wolf is synonymous with the word “Guardian”, and guardianship is one thing’s he teaches and bestows. With intuition heightened and with the knowledge Wolf brings to light through his sharp intellect and acute senses, a person under the tutelage of Wolf Spirit will find himself protective of family and friends, while their own Guardian Spirit protects them.

A Wolf will take risks, but never foolishly. They are noted as being the Pathfinders of the animal world. Exploring is second nature to them. Those who study and work with Wolf may find themselves seeking new adventures and studying new religions, as Wolf medicine takes spirituality to task and is very connected to ritualistic paths.

Wolf will also teach you how to speak up, and always with truth and sincerity. In the same way that their howls are used to signal to one another, or to call on or locate other members of their pack, those with Wolf medicine will find themselves wanting to share knowledge with their own kind…be it vocally or through some other form of communication, such as writing. Wolves will also use their howls as a form of greeting each other, and sometimes will just howl for the sheer pleasure of it. In this, they teach you to look at life with camaraderie and joy.

The way that Wolves can at times be playful and interactive is seen in the way they react to Ravens, with who they cohabitate and even assist one another with survival. This is done in two ways; one, they warn each other of approaching dangers, and two, they lead each other to food. Because Ravens are known to make a ruckus when danger is nearby, the Wolf has learned to take heed of Raven’s different types of calls, and to watch in which direction he flies; thus giving him advanced warning of the same danger. The same can be said of how Raven interacts with Wolf, for upon hearing Wolf howl, Raven too is alerted to whatever danger may be in the area.

When it comes to helping each other find food, it is believed that Wolves watch the Raven’s flight patterns, where a certain pattern will indicate that possible prey is nearby. Once the Wolves bring down a prey and as they are gorging, the Ravens alight nearby and wait their turn at whatever scraps are left. It seems that Ravens are the spotters and the Wolves the hunters, and afterward comes the feast that both enjoy and share. Raven however will not touch a carcass unless Wolf has eaten first, leading some to believe that Raven (who is also noted for being very intelligent) uses Wolf’s intuition to test what meat is good and what meat may be bad. For all these reasons Raven has been nicknamed “Wolf-bird”. Those with Wolf totem should also look into working with Raven Spirit too.

Wolves are peace loving and normally not a danger to anyone. But they are also strong and very territorial, and because of this it is best to use a “knock before you enter” approach to those with Wolf Spirit.

On these things and many others, Wolf is a great teacher.

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Comment by Rev.Theresa Helton (Moonraven) on October 13, 2009 at 9:40am
My Ravens have been coming to my window and chattering every morning. My totem is raven and also eagle. In the last 24 hrs. wolf has made appearances in my life. Each time was very unexpected and each time I felt a tug at my heart. Time to do a medicine card reading, maybe a spirit calling. Thanks for this, Noreen. Coming from you I see this as a message from spirit and a gift. What a magickal birthday week this is! This is indeed a special birthday present! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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