Rev. Don discusses how we can deal with people who blame their woes on black magic, in response to a question from Opal Adya. Rev. doesn't really have much of an answer for this one, but offers a lot to think about. Check out Witch School's new Lifetime Membership for just $29.99 at

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Comment by brian wright on May 10, 2012 at 3:29am

in my experience many of us have known someone who blamed all their woes on someone cursing them..sometimes they even 'knew' who. mostly its all just the same teenage crap that goes on in high school. it does occasionally happen though. after reading-from what i believe to be a reliable source but im always open to more truth-how the choctaw handled this particular thing, being part of a group mostly defined by our belief in magic and spirits i think it is extremely important that we handle this carefully. yes it is very possible to do great evil with the powers of spirit but it is equally able to be done in purely mundane means and i think that is the crux of any discussion of black magick with a person who is either a nonbeliever or merely is callous of magick.

Comment by Benefactus on April 30, 2012 at 5:25pm

Great points Rev. Don. I think that there are lots of us out there that really do grapple with this particular subject, at least on some level, as it relates to our interactions with non-magickal folks and their perceptions of us.



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