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Comment by Rev.Rave on July 5, 2012 at 6:19pm

The orb - The orb is one of spirit and could be behind you to show that you are coming to positive change in your life. Followed by the death this would tell me that this is showing change in spiritual growth. not physical death in of it self but change of spiritual enlightenment. You emotion of this dream will give you more into what the dream means to you as Rev. Don has said and you should keep a dream journal and record your dreams you are being told something and it could take more then one dream to get an answer. Record what you see the colors places and whats going on the emotion of the way you are understanding the dream. It could be showing you change as it is happening more on a spiritual level or what needs to be done to get the change you need.

Blessed Be

Comment by Rev.Rave on July 5, 2012 at 6:05pm

Great answer I agree death is not one of physical death but one of change to come in ones life.
"like starting a new year of school or moving to a new apartment. Death can illustrate endings as well as beginnings. What can seem unbearably sad as a dream may actually signal positive change."

The color white or silvery white orb I had to look into my book of shadows to get the interpataion of the colors. here is what I found.

Indicates that the dreamer has the Spiritual Gift of Intuition.

Meaning: Hope, faith, purity, perfection,confidence, enlightenment.
When mixed or associated with other colours it purifies and refines the meaning of that colour.
White alone can indicate a proud, rigid, judgmental immaturity - a should be, controlling attitude.
Soft or pearl white can indicate the gift of prophecy.

I agree with the witch school class that this is a message from your higher self and you should take some time to take that class because you will learn a lot about dreams and what they mean.

Blessed Be.

Comment by fantumofthewinds on December 28, 2011 at 4:16pm

death or funerals can mean many things and there simply is not enough here, to give you a answer one way or another, something has died , and this could be a range of many things not just physical death . cycles die , plants die , humans die, old habit patterns die etc. and in a since funerals are a rite of passing what ever it may be . BB

Comment by Daniel Michael on December 25, 2011 at 1:01am

To me the Funeral dream is one of wandering of the value of this incarnation.

Have you made the right decisions? How do others see you? Have you followed your destiny or did you forget it in the Rat race?!!



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